TriCaster Remote for Android Tablets


Availability: On the Play Store


Pricing:  $49.99



TriCaster Remote gives you the flexibility to control your NewTek TriCaster from your Android Tablet with 1280 x 800 display. Whether for setup, testing or production having remote switching capabilities in addition to the existing controls is a real bonus.


– Supports TriCaster models: 410, 460, 860, 8000, Mini HDMI and Mini SDI
– Supports TriCaster software versions 2.4 and 3.x
– Preview/Program/DSKs/Record/Stream/Grab/Take/Auto and FTB controls
– 16 Macro triggers and media player controls.
– Bi-directional communication (so it reads the TriCaster status, not just changes it)
– No software to install on TriCaster

The interface adjusts the available switching options based on the connected TriCaster with a layout and naming in line with the standard interface. In addition 16 Macro buttons can be used and Media controls can be automatically displayed based on the player selected in Preview.

With design input from a NewTek TriCaster Certified operator and based on several years, and hundreds of live productions, this App is an essential part of the production toolkit.

Designed to work with TriCasters Mini, 410, 460, 860 and 8000 TriCaster Remote uses TCP/IP protocols over WiFi to connect directly to a TrCaster. It is designed to work on the same local network as the TriCaster, but can be used remotely if TCP port 5951 is open on your network.

Unlike other ways of controlling the TriCaster no additional software needs to be loaded on the TriCaster, and more importantly the communication is bi-directional – the buttons on the App only change when data is received from the TriCaster – so you know it has happened. It also reads the state of the TriCaster when it connects so you know which inputs etc are selected.

Tested on the latest versions of TriCaster software 2.4 and 3.0.

As with all software that uses WiFi the loading and performance of the network used can have an impact on any remote control device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7″ Screenshots:

Screenshot_2015-10-15-16-17-50 Screenshot_2015-10-15-16-18-10 Screenshot_2015-10-15-16-18-23

Screenshot_2015-10-15-16-18-35 Screenshot_2015-10-15-16-18-55