TCXD Control Suite

Availability: In Beta

Pricing:  TBA

For Windows and OSX


The ability to remotely control our studio TriCasters has given us flexibility and options we now can’t do without. From speeding up setup, to allowing a host to produce, or co-produce, the production, to providing key information around the studio, having additional control options is a real asset.

StudioTech’s TCXD Control Suite allows you to switch NewTek pro series, and Mini, TriCasters from a PC or Mac on your local network, and even remotely. With 5 different options – four  giving different control interfaces and one providing confidence/tally information – TCXD Control Suite has options for different operational scenarios.


Screen shots – click for full size image:

Splash / Home window:

TCXD Splash

Advanced window:

TCXD Advanced

Touch window:

TCXD Touch

Standard window:

TCXD Standard

Compact window:

TCXD Compact 1

Compact window with preview/program window (TriCaster Advanced systems only):

TCXD Compact 2

Tally screen:

TCXD Tally